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April 2019


Taxis and Clubs in South Korea: the struggle is real !

Last night in Seoul brought forth an unusual experience: having checked out already the nightlife pulse in Itaewon and Hongdae, the hippest neighborhoods, we decided to give fallen star Gangnam a chance (after the stardom-propelled moment of Psy’s Gangnam Style, Seoul coolest cats started shifting elsewhere). Bad call apparently. We queued up in front of Face Club, and smiled pleasantly at the fellow party seekers. But all our enthusiasm drowned when the bouncers dryly cast us aside: “No foreigners. Korea only.” What ! Bro, we here for the music. Surely we don’t look like a troublesome lot. Come on, no hard feelings, just let us inside. “NO. FOREIGNERS. ALLOWED.” Shaking our heads in disbelief we shuffled our feet feeling entirely…

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Best Breakfast (All Day) Cafes in Dubai

Dime-sized fact about me: I’m not a morning person, but I’m totally down for breakfast! Well more like late breakfast. Better yet, brunch, if only it wouldn’t be just a fancy weekend affair. So by the time I wake up, stretch my limbs and have a Bulletproof Coffee (double shot of espresso enriched with some health store powdered herbs!) most traditional cafes have moved on from their breakfast menu and onto lunch. (Boo)

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Positive Notes For Your Travelling Succes

Nothing in life is perfect, so you might as well keep that in mind while traveling. No matter how much money you’ve spent, how carefully you’ve planned your trip there will always be some degree of unpredictability ready to change the course of your traveling experience. So keep an open mind while on the road. Don’t expect things to always align perfectly along the way- embrace the taste of ‘offroad’ adventure when your plans start looping around with an unexpected twist. Delays? Maybe an opportunity to look around and strike a conversation with a fellow traveler, make new friends, lend a listening ear to a random stranger who had something to share, which later on will resonate with a chord…

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