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June 2019


Uluwatu Siren Song

When I dream of Bali there’s only one place I think of: the plunging cliffs and glittering shores of Uluwatu. Driving there after the days spent in Seminyak and Ubud we could feel a distinct change of vibe: entering the cradle of the local surf culture, an almost mystical energy of the wave-worshippers. The dusty roads, the lush gardens of the villas and homestays perched on the limestone cliffs, the incessant sound of waves at reef breaking point. Everything inviting you to disconnect from your old habits and embrace the new element of life force. I was about to discover the real Bali, beyond the crowds and the commercial thrills of busy Kuta. Our stay: Morabito Art Cliff Villas The…

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Best Ramadan Experiences in Dubai and Iftar/Suhoor Etiquette

It’s my eighth Ramadan in Dubai this year and with time have seen the atmosphere gradually change- from a more conservative, reclusive veil that was slowly descending over the city to a more relaxed and permissive vibe. Yes there are more tourists visiting Dubai in Ramadan each year because they too felt that it’s a great time for booking discounted fares in hotels- although those will automatically jump back up, and higher, in Eid Al Fitr time. It’s peaceful out here, less crowded, sales and offers everywhere- from clothes to cars, furniture and appliances, there is a lot of soul-rewarding charity work to be done, Ramadan fridges near mosques and labor camps to fill for those in need, fundraisers to…

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