Panarea, Queen-Chic of the Aeolian Islands: a perfect window view over the Vulcano of Stromboli

Just like that, literally out of the blue (and the apricot blush color of the sunset) a tall spray of incandescent magma shot into the sky: Stromboli, the most active volcano in Europe, was putting on a show again. We were sitting on the beautiful terrace of Panarea’s most famous hotel, the Raya Panarea, having a state-of-art aperitivo with plump arancini alla Norma (eggplant and tomato sauce rice balls, lightly-fried and crispy) and fat green olives with a glass of chilled Etna Bianco, my favorite Sicilian white wine that hails from the island’s other famous vulcano vineyards.  From Panarea’s small but picture-perfect port you get a wonderful view of the island of Stromboli just across: you can also reach it in just 30-40 minutes…

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