A Blog Not Only About Places, But About People


Hello travel lovers ! My name is Raluca and I live by the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf in Dubai, UAE. I love spending a playful day at the beach with my two children, will always choose a breakfast-all-day restaurant over anything (pancakes and Eggs Benedict for dinner!) and I’ll never say no to a good dancing night out !

I am the proud author of a parenting book and of a poetry book, but my heart has always been into the beauty and fulfillment of traveling new and exciting places.

I have always believed that our creative outlet needs to be something you’re passionate about, and that’s why I chose to write about my travel wanderings. Fear not that this is going to be “just another travel blog” – as I often venture off the beaten path with my reflections and the places I see. Sure, my Instagram page translates my love of eye-pleasing nature and colors, fashion and a social lifestyle, but here I can go a bit more in depth about the things I’m really passionate about.

Because I never feel more alive, heart racing wildly with excitement, than in those moments right before a new trip, when I pack my travel bag with a head full of road dreams ! I embark the journey, I watch and listen, I let the vibes of the place sink in, and then I feel compelled to share with you : the writer’s urge is like those bottled-up feelings that need to come to the surface !

Safe travels and joy along the road,