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You might wonder how I manage to travel so often (on a monthly basis!), hop on flights and stay in beautiful hotels around the world. Well, in the beginning I did like everyone else- use web aggregator sites such as booking.com, Agoda, Skyscanner, hotelscombined etc- spend my money, do price alerts on flights, try to save here and there. Then by a wonderful touch of luck I got introduced to IBuumerang and unlocked a world of affordable traveling and massive discounts on hotel stays- as the website puts it nicely- stay at five stars hotels and resorts for the price of three stars! 

From that moment everything changed- I could finally travel for less, make better choices and literally save on everything- flights, hotels, cruises and car rentals. It all made sense- this is what THE REAL EXPERIENCE is about- more freedom in traveling, paying  way less than mainstream agents and expanding my budget for the things I love most in life!


You too can benefit from this by simply entering the world of Ibuumerang, ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!

As your Travel Ambassador I will provide you with the access code needed to unlock amazing discounts in worldwide destinations- again for free, no hidden costs, and mind-blowing savings, obvious by a simple comparison to the well-known travel websites.

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