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I love spending a playful day at the beach with my two children, will always choose a breakfast-all-day restaurant over anything (pancakes and Eggs Benedict for dinner!) and I’ll never say no to a good dancing night out !

Hi to everyone.
My name is Raluca!

 I live by the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf in Dubai, UAE. I have always believed that our creative outlet needs to be something you’re passionate about.

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All about travel

Fear not that this is going to be “just another travel blog” – as I often venture off the beaten path with my reflections and the places I see

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My Top 5 Best Restaurants in Venice

Gosh, writing this post wasn’t easy. I had to go to all this places in Venice, fill the table with all sorts of delicious antipasti, struggle with heart-wrenching choices- pasta or risotto for today?- pour some wine,    make space for secondo (the main dish!) after pasta-induced bloating, pour some more wine…and bring forth my superpower, the secondary stomach capsule meant only for dessert. Numero Uno according to my humble but discerning  palate is… 1. Ristorante Da Ivo  As many celebrities can testify- among them George Clooney and Matt Damon, Maddona, Sting and a plethora of others- this cosy one-room restaurant makes you dream to come back over and over again. I’ll never judge a place based exclusively on food-…

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Hoi An Highlights

Once the memories settle, it’s time to start writing. Such a feeling of relaxed peace upon our arrival in a homestay close to the Old Quarter. Had a Vietnamese coconut coffee (sweet and creamy with condensed milk) and took a minute on the terrace to breathe in the surroundings. The homestay provided free bicycles to explore the neighborhood but we chose to walk as I have the compulsory habit to stop and check out almost every shop, read every menu and take pictures of charming doorways and buildings.

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Vietnam Foodie Guide

It’s no casual choice my first picture of this post- we’ve been to fancier places, to top-of-the-list recommendations…but my tastiest meal to remember from the Vietnam trip was this steaming bowl of roadside Pho, the traditional and well-loved noodle soup of this amazing country.

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Khao Sok National Park, Thailand’s hidden gem

Surat Thani province, South of Thailand. Around three hours away from Krabi’s beaches, in the greenheart of Khao Sok National Park. We woke up in our Rock & Tree House resort with cheeky macaques rolling an empty can of Coke on our terrace and trying to break in the room for some morning loot. We were tired from last night’s jungle trek, trying to spot nocturnal animals, and barely making a clean escape after being attacked by the village’s stray dogs pack, but we still hopped out of bed excitedly. Our Cheow Lan Lake experience was finally happening…after so many travel blog dreams. We reached CheoLan (Ratchaprapha) Pier in less than one hour from our Khao Sok National Park base,…

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