Nothing in life is perfect, so you might as well keep that in mind while traveling. No matter how much money you’ve spent, how carefully you’ve planned your trip there will always be some degree of unpredictability ready to change the course of your traveling experience.

So keep an open mind while on the road. Don’t expect things to always align perfectly along the way- embrace the taste of ‘offroad’ adventure when your plans start looping around with an unexpected twist. Delays? Maybe an opportunity to look around and strike a conversation with a fellow traveler, make new friends, lend a listening ear to a random stranger who had something to share, which later on will resonate with a chord inside of you. Missed your connecting flight? Don’t dwell on seeing yourself as stuck, take it as one more unplanned night to roam around and discover. Like any seeming obstacle has a hidden potential.

I always felt that traveling time is precious. It moves forward unapologetically fast, leaving us running behind, trying to make the most of it. Traveling can be a rare occasion for many, and in that special window of opportunity we pack in all our hopes and dreams. And boy, we hold on to them dearly: we want to finally set foot on the perfect beach, just how we envisioned it on a magazine or  Instagram ,only to discover is littered with trash or invaded by noisy hordes of tourists. We feel robbed of our dream and at a loss for words. We traveled so far and places didn’t live up to the hype.

Sure, I’m not preaching out to you from the path of a perfectly Zen traveling master. I am guilty of pushing myself and my traveling mates too hard in order to tick places off my list, acting somehow like a drill sergeant, of too many picture attempts, I am the ordinary subject of traveling FOMO (fear of missing out …something priceless on the itinerary!) …hell yeah I have my thick share of failing the grip. I struggle quite often to stay in the moment because my hamster-in-the-spinning-wheel mind is already chasing the next point of interest on the map.

But what I’m saying here is that I’m working on myself- to be a better traveler, a person with better focus and more awareness. Each trip I take is an eye opener and brings me closer to my personal goal.